Custom Design

Collaborative Custom Design Services

Custom Design

Collaborative Custom Design Services

Expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, and Software

To meet your organization’s unique needs, we offer custom design services specializing in semiconductor equipment manufacturing with expertise across mechanical, electrical, and software development and engineering disciplines.

Our highly skilled team of engineers and designers become part of your team in a collaborative approach from day one. We aim to resolve challenges or improve your processes, applicable to your specific industry, with the latest and most efficient design solutions

Mechanical Design

Our advanced mechanical engineering design services combine aesthetics and functionality to ensure high quality output at an efficient cost, and in a timely manner. We understand the importance of adaptable and user-friendly designs, providing ease in accessibility and simplification on all aspects of future equipment maintenance.

Hine Automation’s machinery is designed to optimize workflow, boost productivity, ensure workplace safety, and minimize employee operator intervention.

Electrical Design

An intelligently designed control system is integral to the success of any material handling system. At Hine Automation, our electrical and controls engineers have the experience and skills necessary to design smarter systems for nearly any industry. We provide electrical and control system solutions, including turnkey control systems, system enhancements, control system design, custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), each to your specific requirements.

We design, build, and install custom engineered solutions for all your system integration needs. We use proven, state-of-the-art technologies to deliver exceptional automation and control. At Hine Automation our experienced team stays up to date on the latest automation advances, and proactively builds upon our skillset each year as new and exciting advances in electrical technology and programming become available.


Our software division is made up of industry leaders unifying equipment and software into a single, cohesive automation system. At Hine Automation, we successfully and consistently create software controls sequences that maximize efficiency and add redundant safety features. We develop software solutions for a variety of different applications including robotics, automation, and advanced control systems.

We realize that each project has specific goals and needs that cannot simply be duplicated. We can tailor-design each program and application for each system and project. We pride ourselves on learning your company needs and have the flexibility to modify our software programs accordingly.

Designs and Manufactures Vacuum Atmospheric Automation Systems and Robotic Components

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