Contract Manfacturing

Contract Manfacturing Services

Contract Manfacturing

Contract Manfacturing Services

The true meaning of cost-effectiveness is working smarter, not harder.

We define cost-effectiveness as creating the same high-quality product for the most efficient use of spend.

At Hine Automation, we are nimble and forward-thinking. We understand how critical it is to be simultaneously flexible and dependable. We are quick to deliver but most importantly, we prioritize quality.

As a collaborative extension of your engineering team, we take your plans and produce your custom project to your unique specifications.

Our Process

Our lean and agile manufacturing processes ensure that we deliver the most cost-effective product. Combined with our respectful and unrivaled customer service, we ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our cleanroom is our temperature and humidity-controlled environment, guaranteeing low levels of particles.

It starts with our talented engineers who know the semiconductor and related industries. They meet to review your specifications and the unique requirements for your specific system.

Your system is then designed and modeled in 3D CAD. Once approved, the individual parts are sourced from our warehouse or from our partner suppliers.

Our skilled manufacturing team will assemble and integrate your system while our controls engineers program your tool for your specific application, should that be required.

Once assembled, your system is rigorously tested and debugged with our strict quality control standards.

Designs and Manufactures Vacuum Atmospheric Automation Systems and Robotic Components

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