Our robotic components are based on the quality and reliability of the original Hine Design and Asyst robotics.


Our Strengths

  • Experience-Driven Designs
  • Quick Response for Customized Solutions
  • Cost Effective Solutions with Demonstrated Reliability
  • Service Oriented with Knowledgeable and Fast Response


Concept for Hine Automation products

  • Use State of the Art Technology
  • Provide Improved Reliability
  • Provide a Experienced Support Structure
  • Provide Plug-and-play replacements for Hine Design and Asyst robotics
  • This means Form, fit and function with existing products


According to our customers, Hine has been successful thanks to:

  • An appropriate product mix for our target market
  • Flexible product offerings allowing a high level of customization
  • A versatile service and repair program providing everything from a targeted repair to fully warrantied refurbishments on legacy products.
  • Positive, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly customer service.


Customized Automation Solutions

  • Custom substrate sizes
  • Unique applications
  • New markets and technologies


Standard Automation Systems

  • Cluster Systems
  • Load Locks


Standard Robotic Components

  • Robotic Handlers
  • Elevators
  • Aligners

Moving Your Technology

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