Vacuum Robotic Arms

Designed as the central handling robot for the Constellation Systems, Hine Vacuum Robotic Arms can be integrated with any vacuum transfer systems. The HA-3.0 is the perfect fit for budget sensitive projects where no vertical travel is required. When substrate transfer with verified precision and repeatability within high vacuum environments is required, Hine HA-5.0 Vacuum Robotic Arm is the best solution.


  • High reliability of > 3 million MCBF
  • 2-axis or 3-axis motion control
  • Pay load up to 4.5kg
  • Standard and custom size arm segments
  • Standard and custom end effectors (single or dual)
  • Compact design including integrated controller
  • RS-232 / Ethernet control interface
  • CE/S2 compliant
  • HA-5.0V is the best replacement available
    for the Hine Design 4.5V
  • High vacuum compatible
  • Class 1 cleanroom compatible

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