Repair and Refurbishment of Hine Automation Products as well legacy Hine Design and Asyst Robots and Elevators

Our rebuild and repair services extend the life of your robotic components at low cost and include a 90-day warranty for target repairs and a 1-year warranty on comprehensive rebuilds. We offer three types of services for legacy robots and elevators: Comprehensive Rebuild, Targeted Repair and Replacements.  Replacements are available in New or Refurbished condition.


Comprehensive Rebuild

Our Comprehensive Rebuild services eliminate the risk of future malfunctions in equipment from known hardware issues. These services are available for all Hine Automation product lines as well as HA-4.5V vacuum robotics and HA-48V vacuum elevators.


Our Comprehensive Rebuild Service Package includes:

  • Complementary diagnosis
  • Replacing all internal hardware as needed
  • Replacement of all motors and encoders, worn or out of specification mechanical components
  • Replacement of all O-Rings, consumables and resurfacing damaged mounting plate
  • Replacement of all belts with non-marking version to improve particle reduction and performance


Targeted Repair

Our no-fee, comprehensive evaluation pin-points specific areas where history has shown there to be opportunities for improvement.


Our Targeted Repair package includes:

  • Complementary diagnosis
  • Specific target repair
  • Preventative repair of components with high probability of failure with improved and more reliable replacements.


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