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Repair and Refurbishment of Hine Design/Asyst Robots and Elevators
Our rebuild and repair services extend the life of your robotic components at low cost and include a 90-day warranty for target repairs and a 1-year warranty on comprehensive rebuilds. We offer two types of services for legacy robots and elevators: Comprehensive Rebuild and Targeted Repair.  

Our Comprehensive Rebuild services eliminate the risk of future malfunctions in equipment from known hardware issues. These services are available for HA-4.5V vacuum robotics and HA-48V vacuum elevators.

Our Comprehensive Rebuild service package includes: 

  • Complementary diagnosis
  • Replacing all internal hardware as needed
  • Replacing Z-drive motor and encoder, worn or out of specification mechanical components
  • Replacing O-Rings and resurfacing damaged mounting plate
  • Replacing belts with non-marking belts to improve particle reduction and performance

Our no-fee, comprehensive evaluation pin-points specific areas where history has shown there to be opportunities for improvement.

Our Targeted Repair package includes: 

  • Complementary diagnosis
  • Specific target repair
  • Preventative repair of components with high probability of failure with improved and more reliable replacements.



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