Knowledge and Experience Driven Designs

Case Study

February 24, 2020


WWell-known and respected designers of automation systems in the semiconductor industry, Hine’s managers and founders, Ed Richards and Jeff Cole, are notably responsible for Hine’s successes. Their extensive knowledge and experience is what has drawn many customers to trust Hine for their automation challenges. In this case study, we will showcase the expertise of Hine’s Engineering team through a testimonial from Nordiko.

Nordiko Trusts Hine’s Experience in the Industry
Mervyn Davis, Manager Director at Nordiko Technical Services, trusted Hine for the development of an eight-sided vacuum transfer system platform. In the eyes of many, Nordiko, a well-known and respected manufacturer of Ion Beam and Physical Vapor Deposition with over 35 years in the industry, took a bold chance by giving Hine Automation this opportunity. Mervyn and Nordiko saw value in this situation instead.

Mervyn recognized Nordiko had the opportunity to get a new state-of-the-art vacuum automation solution from Hine’s experts.   While Hine had only been in business a short time, Mervyn knew that Ed and Jeff had seen the vacuum automation industry evolve over three decades. They had witnessed automation designs that had succeeded and failed. As a result, the pair developed the knowledge to integrate process chambers into manufacturing and research environments through system automation solutions. Mervyn knew this because, like Ed and Jeff, he has seen the microelectronics industry grow and evolve for more than three decades. Mervyn had this to say about his experience with Hine:

“I trusted Ed and Hine with our project because we knew his experience as a designer and as businessman would help us be successful in delivering the right product on time to our customers.”