Vacuum Cassette Load Ports

Designed to provide cassette loading and unloading capabilities for the Constellation family of cluster systems our Vacuum & Atmospheric Cassette to Cassette Load Ports (CLP & ALP) can be customized to adapt to a Customer’s specific requirements. The various Load Port configurations are built around the Hine Automation Vacuum & Atmospheric Elevators with material indexing and positional sensing capabilities.

The Vacuum Mini Load Port (MLP) was designed as a single and multi-wafer Load Port to provide loading and unloading capabilities for the Constellation family of cluster systems. The MLP configuration is cost-effective solution for application where a full Cassette is not required and includes a self-centering design for the cassette and wafer eliminating the need for a positional alignment device.

Full system integration requires only limited facilities connections and an Ethernet control interface. With a complete onboard control system our Load Ports function as an intelligent material handling sub system.


  • Hine Robotics: HA-50V Vacuum or HAtm-5.0 Atmospheric Elevator
  • High reliability of > 3 million MCBF
  • Handles wafer sizes up to 200mm
  • Sophisticated automation features including wafer mapping, wafer cross- slot detection
  • Safety interlocks
  • High vacuum or Atmospheric compatibility
  • RS-232 / Ethernet control interface
  • Slit Valve or Valve door


  • Single Wafer & 4, 25 or 50 wafer Cassettes
  • Cassette cradles

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Vacuum Cassette Load Ports Brochure


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