Reliable, knowledgeable and economical custom solutions. Often the best way to communicate an idea is to see it in practice. These case studies are real-world examples of our commitment to your success.


Demonstrated Reliability in Production Environments

Sometimes handling and transporting certain substrates is not straightforward. This is because everything in this world requiring handling is not a specific standard size. (see case study)


Collaboratively Designed Custom Solutions to Address Unique Specifications

At Hine Automation, we pride ourselves in the ability to rapidly engineer and productize innovative material handling systems. This competence has been demonstrated time and again across a multitude of diverse opportunities. One example in particular involving the Star SL-200, single-wafer transport system, is worthy of a closer look. (see case study)


Lightning Speed Response and Turn-around Times

Our customers rely on us for rapid solutions and lightning fast turnaround times. (see case study)


Knowledge and Experience Driven Designs

Well-known and respected designers of automation systems in the semiconductor industry, Hine’s managers and founders, Ed Richards and Jeff Cole, are notably responsible for Hine’s successes. Their extensive knowledge and experience is what has drawn many customers to trust Hine for their automation challenges. In this case study, we will showcase the expertise of Hine’s Engineering team through a testimonial from Nordiko. (see case study)


Cost-effective Solutions

A leading supplier of plasma processing equipment to the microelectronics industry was in need of a precision, cluster-style, vacuum transfer system capable of being integrated with up to four of the company’s in-house built process modules. (see case study)

Moving Your Technology

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