Brendon Cordon, 31, Mechanical Engineer, Hine Automation, St. Petersburg, Fla., BS Industrial Technology, Iowa State University

2020 Engineering Leader Under 40: Brendon Cordon, 31
Mechanical Engineer
Hine Automation
St. Petersburg, Fla.
BS Industrial Technology, Iowa State University

At Hine Automation, Brendon has been recognized several times through a program that encourages team members to identify when they feel a colleague has gone out of their way to assist them in their daily tasks. He was once recognized from the purchasing department for finding replacement parts that normally had a very long lead time. The company was scheduled to ship a product quickly and had it not been for Brendon’s diligence, research and determination to find replacement parts solving the issue, the shipment would not have made it on time. Brendon focuses on integrations and system testing. Brendon also holds a Six Sigma Lean Professional Certificate.

Fun fact: Brendon designs and builds various projects in his personal time with his own 3D printer, including an expanded monitor stand and a custom keyboard.