Vacuum Aligners

Our aligners offer a precise and reliable alignment solution for opaque and transparent substrates within high vacuum environments. Ferro fluidic seals, precision DC motors, advanced CCD Array, and sophisticated software are integrated into a state-of-the-art, compact design for semiconductor and compound semiconductor substrates. Although our Aligners are designed to work with Hine Robotic Arms, they may be integrated into systems with a robotic arm able to execute Delta Picks. 


  • High reliability of > 3 million MCBF
  • Fiducial alignment and centering alignment - Delta Pick
  • High vacuum compatible
  • RS-232 / Ethernet control interface
  • CE/S2 compliant
  • Available for wafer sizes up to 300mm
  • Class 1 cleanroom compatible
  • Translucent or opaque wafers

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